Monday, July 6, 2009

Gordon "The Black" Donnelly

Dracul Van Helsing received an email from Peter Whitstable of Interpol.

Whistable was to Interpol what the fictional Fox Mulder had been to the FBI back in the 1990s.

Whitstable was in charge of investigating the Paranormal and supernatural occurences for Interpol.

He was looked on by most of the international police organization as a flake.

The subject of the email was this:

Last Tuesday, Whitstable had run into the notorious South African witch doctor Sterling Makabo in Honolulu.

Whitstable had once again lost track of the witch doctor like he was prone to do.

Anyways, yesterday morning, Whitstable had been talking to a fellow Interpol officer- an officer who was a huge huge huge boxing fan.

Knew all sorts of boxing trivia.

It turned out this past Saturday night, there was a 4th of July boxing match in Seattle, Washington.

It was amateur night by which anyone could sign up to box if they wanted to.

And anyhow one man who called himself Gordon 'the Black" Donnelly knocked out all comers.

And there was no record anywhere of a Gordon "the Black" Donnelly having boxed before.

That is not in this century.

Or in the last century.

But said this Interpol agent Troy Leuker, there was an Irish-Canadian boxer called Gordon "the Black" Donnelly who won all sorts of boxing matches in Toronto and southern Ontario back in the 1880s.

Then he moved to San Francisco in the 1890s and won all sorts of boxing matches throughout California.

In 1899, he retired from boxing and moved to Honolulu where he married a native Hawaiian girl.

He died on June 6th, 1910.

Anyhow, according to Troy Leuker, this Gordon "the Black" Donnelly who cleaned up at the 4th of July boxing match in Seattle, Washington was the spitting image of the 19th Century boxer Gordon "the Black" Donnelly.

And wondered Whitstable, with Sterling Makabo (the witch doctor of whom it was said, he could raise the dead) in Honolulu a week ago, is it possible that this new Gordon "the Black" Donnelly was the old Gordon "the Black" Donnelly brought back from the dead?

To be continued.

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