Monday, September 20, 2010

Renfield Finds An Interesting Photo

"Interesting," Renfield said as he looked at the photo generated from the computer.

"What's that?" Amadeus asked.

"This photo generated by the computer from the thought processes of Michelangelo the psychic lobster," Renfield replied, "apparently Dr. Nicht Werhoffen's security guard with narcolepsy fell asleep with his eyes open again in a room in the Palace of Peace and Harmony in Astana, Khazakhstan. Anyways it turns out a certain leading British cabinet minister who's also married was making out with some red-headed woman who wasn't his wife on the circular wooden altar inside this room."

"That is interesting," Amadeus chewed a peanut butter sandwich, "Made of wood you say? Did anybody get splinters while they were making out?".

"I don't know," Renfield shrugged, "but anyways this should give the boss and I leverage over this particular British cabinet minister."

* * *

Inside one of the offices of the Westminster Parliament, a British cabinet minister held his head buried in his hands as he showed his aide the photograph he just got in an email.

"If the British press and public get ahold of this not to mention your wife..." his aide said.

"And to top it off, if that photo gets out, the whole world shall know that I have photographs of Sir Winston Churchill emblazoned on my boxer briefs," the cabinet minister moaned.

To be continued.

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