Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sex and Cyborgs and Politics

There is a wooden circular altar in the Palace of Peace and Harmony (also known as the Peace Pyramid) in Astana, Khazakhstan. In the center of the wooden altar is a wooden globe of the world surrounded by wooden spokes signed by representatives of 17 different religions across the globe.

Last night, a 14-year-old Russian girl named Maria had been killed in a human sacrifice performed by the Vampiress Morgana atop that altar.

This morning an Israeli secret agent and an Iranian secret agent had shot one another at point blank range at the altar.

"What a bloody mess," the Peace Pyramid's one-eyed, one-armed, one-legged janitor had remarked.

Although the bodies had been removed, all the blood hadn't been washed away yet since the Peace Pyramid's one-eyed, one-armed, one-legged janitor had not yet received his monthly order of Amway cleaning solution from the Amway corporate pyramid.

As that old 1960s song "He's a one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater..." played on the Peace Pyramid's intercom system, the newly created red-headed cyborg Sophia wearing a purple mini dress, green silk nylons and purple spiked stiletto high-heeled shoes stood on top of the wooden globe on the wooden circular altar and performed an Irish dance routine from Michael Flatley's Riverdance.

Watching her perform was a leading cabinet minister from British Prime Minister David Cameron's new government who was on a state visit to Khazakhstan.

He had dropped in to see this Palace of Peace and Harmony aka the Peace Pyramid that was the architectual marvel creation of British architect Sir Norman Foster.

The red-headed cyborg Sophia suddenly stopped dancing when she noticed the British cabinet minister and then speaking in a sexy yet very automated computer sounding voice, she said, "My, what a big erection you have..."

"The better to fuck you with my dear," said the British cabinet minister whose hobby was rewriting old fairy tales as modern day rapper songs.

"Then do it to me now," the red-headed cyborg Sophia leaned back atop the globe, lifted her purple mini dress, pulled down her green silk pantyhose (she wasn't wearing any panties) and waited for his entry.

The British cabinet minister eagerly pulled down his pants and his Winston Churchill photographic image boxer shorts and mounted her atop the globe.

As Sophia moaned in cyborgic orgasm, the Peace Pyramid's intercom system played that old 1970s Captain and Tennille song, "Do that to me one more time, I can never get enough of a man like you..."

In the meantime, FSB scientist Dr. Nicht Werhoffen (of the former East German Stasi) silently watched his cyborgic creation perform all the right moves.

Dr. Werhoffen smiled.

Watching all those hard-core Japanese porn films had come in handy.

And to think the Russian Finance Ministry had complained when all those credit card bills for those sites had shown up on his expense accounts.

To be continued.

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