Monday, September 27, 2010

Amadeus Meets Sophia

When Amadeus entered the sitting room of the billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set's colossal London mansion, he was surprised to see a very beautiful red-headed woman sitting there wearing a black velvety blouse, short lilac purple skirt, pinkish red silk pantyhose and lilac purple spiked stiletto high-heeled shoes.

"Oh, hello," Amadeus said.

"Hello," the redhead answered in a somewhat automated voice.

"Would you care for some black licorice?" Amadeus handed her his bag, "it's my favourite."

"All right," the redhead accepted the licorice, "we'll see if it computes with my system."

"Are you the cyborg called Sophia?" Amadeus asked.

"I am," the redhead nodded.

"How are you liking London?" Amadeus queried.

"The fish n' chips here are excellent," the cyborg actually managed a smile.

"I agree," Amadeus likewise smiled, "although I did have Black Sea sturgeon and beets in a Russian tea shop the other day which I thoroughly enjoyed."

"I don't know if I've ever tried that," the cyborg said, "I don't remember much of my life before my human body was merged with the body of a robot."

"But you know fish n' chips?" Amadeus bit into his black licorice.

"My creator's security guard loves fish n' chips," Sophia replied.

"That's the one who sleeps with his eyes open?" Amadeus inquired.

"Yes," Sophia nodded, "how did you know that?".

"Renfield uses Michelangelo the psychic lobster to enter the guard's dreams while he's sleep watching," Amadeus replied, "that's how he found out about your creation."

"Interesting," Sophia blinked, "and now I'm to work for Renfield for six months."

"Apparently," Amadeus offered her another piece of licorice.

"Thanks," Sophia took the licorice.

She bit into the licorice and then spoke thoughtfully, "It's hard not knowing who you really are. It's hard having been just created in a laboratory."

"I know what you mean," Amadeus replied, "I was just genetically cloned in a lab a few years ago from the DNA of Charles Manson, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Alan Rickman."

"Charles Manson?" Sophia bit deep into the licorice, "wasn't he a notorious murderer and cult leader from the 1960s?".

"He was," Amadeus bit into his licorice in helter skelter fashion.

"So are you a murderer?" Sophia asked.

"I try not to be," Amadeus finished the last of his licorice, "I think I take more after Mozart's DNA and Alan Rickman's than I do Manson's."

"Yet Alan Rickman played the murderous Severus Snape," Sophia noted.

"Well that's just a character Rickman played," Amadeus responded, "I don't think Mr. Rickman is like that in real life. But..."

Amadeus suddenly stopped reaching for his peanut butter and jam sandwich from his ziplock plastic bag.

"What is it?" Sophia asked.

"Have you read all the Harry Potter books or seen all the Harry Potter films in the few weeks since Dr. Nicht Werfhoffen created you in his Moscow laboratory?" Amadeus asked.

"No," Sophia shook her head.

"So how," Amadeus took a bite of his peanut butter and jam sandwich, "did you know about Alan Rickman playing Severus Snape? How had you even heard of Charles Manson for that matter?".

"My God, you're right," Sophia blinked her beautiful green eyes again, "I must still remember some things from the time I was fully human. Before my human body was merged with the body of a robot."

To be continued.

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